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Declutter your house; declutter your finances

Having a clean house is always nice, but it can really help you get your finances in order too.

Earlier this month, MMM teamed up with Fantastic Services to see just how cleaning up your home could also clear your head, by getting you organised.

Working with the cleaning firm was easy and stress free - and you can book online or via the handy app.

We liked how the cleaners also brought their own tools and cleaning products, which means we didn’t have to worry about it.

They worked professionally and at a great speed – great for mums, who may not have the time to do it themselves.

But once it had been done, it was clear to see just how much clutter had built up – it’s clear that today we over consume.

We also took the opportunity to have the oven cleaned. A clean oven means it takes less time to reach a desired temperature, using less energy and therefore making long-term savings.

So, if you are Spring cleaning, it’s certainly worth brining in the experts for a deep clean.


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