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Has deceptive Amazon pricing left you out of pocket?

Despite claims about Amazon avoiding UK tax bills and now under investigation for deceptive discounts, I kind of still really like Amazon. But recently, I’ve found it has to be one of the most confusing places to shop.

There’s Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Music Unlimited, subscribe & save, add-on purchases and so on and you could be paying for one of them without even realising.

I have a prime membership, but until recently, I haven’t paid attention to all the various other subscriptions Amazon offers. It’s actually all a little confusing, but what annoys me, it’s not clear when you end up paying for things with an accidental subscription.

I recently purchased a book – Amazon gave me two options – Kindle Unlimited £0.00 or buy at £6.99. I assumed that as a prime member, I was getting some books for free, but without knowing, Amazon subscribed me to £7.99 a month subscription after I clicked on £0.00.

I didn’t realise because at no point had Amazon told me this would cost £7.99 a month. I paid for it for eight months and it was only when I was shredding bank documents I noticed the charges (this is why you should check bank statements by the way). I shop at Amazon regularly, so had missed this initially.

It took me ages to then look through my Amazon account to see where I was being charged and managed to cancel it. Even when I cancelled, I still wasn’t sure what it was for. How confusing,

It shouldn’t be that difficult to find, but more importantly, why didn’t Amazon make it clear to me that the book I was getting was not actually £0.00, but it was in fact £7.99 a month. A pop up saying ‘do you want to subscribe at £7.99 a month’ would have done the job. But no, Amazon quietly subscribed me, left me thinking I was getting something free with my Prime account.

I of course complained and was refunded the charges, but this call should never have had to happen if there was a clear pricing strategy in place.

And what’s with the ‘Add-on’ purchases – really Amazon, just sell thee items instead of forcing consumers to bump their trolleys up to £20 or more.

Have you accidently subscribed to an Amazon service without realising it? Do the ‘add-on’ purchases annoy you? Has Amazon become a little too complicated to a point where consumers are left baffled and sometimes out of pocket?


Comments below please!


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One Response

  1. Helen Dewdney says:

    The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (amended 2014) covers you if anyone has any problems getting a refund. It misled you into making a transaction you wouldn’t otherwise have made if you had had all the information.

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