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Kalpana’s Blog

Girls can’t be bosses!

Last night, my four-year-old son said to me: “Girls can’t be bosses”! I was rather shocked, where did this view come from? So, this International Women’s Day, I’ll be celebrating heavily. I have two boys and I have a duty to let them grow into men who see women as equals and not their inferiors […]

How I funded the summer holidays

I love summer, and I love that the kids are off for a few weeks, but I seriously think six weeks is just a little bit too much – it’s hard for working parents because it simply means we can’t actually work and we don’t get the same annual leave to enjoy time off with […]

Has deceptive Amazon pricing left you out of pocket?

Despite claims about Amazon avoiding UK tax bills and now under investigation for deceptive discounts, I kind of still really like Amazon. But recently, I’ve found it has to be one of the most confusing places to shop. There’s Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Music Unlimited, subscribe & save, add-on purchases and so on and you could […]

Child poverty on the rise, but don’t judge

I recently saw a comment sent in the Metro, accusing families in poverty indulging in Sky TV packages and cigarettes instead of providing warm meals for their children. The quote, sent in by a reader, read: “I see people’s priorities are more about Sky TV to keep the kids quiet, ciggies at £9 a packet […]

Leave the kids out of the ‘pink tax’

When it comes to paying for things, us women get a poor deal – it seems almost everything that falls into the ‘ladies’ category comes at a premium price, otherwise known as the ‘pink tax’. Now, even if you’ve never heard of the pink tax, the chances are you’ve felt it when it comes to […]

Ladies – why it’s time you set up a ‘f*ck off fund’

I’m a great believer in financial independence for women. Every woman should be able to stand on her own two feet when things go wrong. Women who fall victim to domestic violence suffer in silence as they slowly loose control over all aspects of their life, but for many a secret stash of cash can […]

Sticking to a budget in Orlando

Last month my son and I went to Orlando with to help with its research to show how families can save money when on holiday. Orlando is of course, without a doubt, the most amazing place ever and our experience will stay in out hearts forever. It’s understandable why it’s such a dream destination – […]

What appliance manufacturers don’t tell you

I often worry about not buying additional cover for an appliance. The “what if it breaks down and the high repair costs” always bother me, but in the end I always decide to opt not to buy any additional cover beyond the free guarantee period. Looks like I was right. Let me explain: After almost […]

To tip or not to tip

I love eating out – it’s quality time with the family, my husband or time out with my girlies. But there’s one thing that gets to me – tipping. I’m not sure why we all feel so obliged to do it? We pay for our food and for the time in the restaurant, why should […]

How £31 a week can give your child financial freedom

When I went to university, it was basically free; I did not have to pay tuition fees, living and accommodation costs were also significantly lower. When my children go to university, which I hope they will, they will have to think about it financially. It wont be a simple decision of:  “Shall I continue studying”? […]