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Kalpana’s Blog

Survive January – my top money tips for 2016

I don’t know about you, but I started this year with good intentions. It all went a little wrong though the first weekend of January, a fun morning with my son and nephew at Jump Street (for those of you who do not know, it’s large scale trampolining) turned into a morning at a hospital […]

What free school meals mean to me

Last week, I was on Sky News discussing the government’s decision to backtrack on free school meals. As a journalist- I naturally argued the points about how four in 10 children are living in poverty and how free school meals meant every infant child would get at least one warm meal a day. Last year, […]

Mumpreneurs – don’t forget your pension

You will have heard the term mumpreneur a few times now in recent years. Mumpreneurs are quite simply mummy entrepreneurs and who have launched excellent businesses that will enable them to bring in an income without being tied to a nine to five desk job. I speak to many mumpreneurs – I’m always interested in […]

My General Election wish – Make work pay

As we approach the general election, us mums (and dads of course) will be thinking about what the next government plans to do to help tackle the escalating costs of childcare, a cost that has spiralled out of control to an extent that no parent could have predicted it when they decided to have children. […]

Time to give the kids a lesson they’ll never forget!

Being Mummy Money Matters, I’ve been talking to my son about money from day one – well, sort of. He’s five now and has been learning about money at school – so it’s a great opportunity for me to pick up on that conversation we were having back in the nappy days. I was impressed at […]

Why money for breastfeeding is wrong. My story.

Last month the government set up a pilot scheme that would give mothers £200 of shopping vouchers if they breastfed. The arrogance of it – whoever decided it was a good idea, had assumed all mothers could breast feed. Here’s my story on why I didn’t breast feed – something no amount of money could […]

Stop selling me store cards

I went shopping last week and instead of being allowed to just pay for my items, I was instead bombarded with incentives from the sales assistant to sign up for a store card. “Would you like to open a store card with us?” asked the 19 year old (I’m guessing here) serving me, “you will […]