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Last updated: 08 August 2014

Life is expensive and life with kids is even more expensive.

So, anything you can do to cut the costs of living and pocketing those extra pennies will help.

Being a savvy shopper isn’t hard – just a few simple steps will make sure you are bagging the best deals every day.

MMM shows you some of the best way to cut the costs of everyday shopping.

Cashback Sites

If you do a lot of shopping online, there are a number of cashback sites that will give you a percentage of your costs back to you as a reward.

All you have to do is register and click through to your retailer, such as Mothercare or Sainsbury’s, via the cashback website.

The website will track where you have come from and will reward you when you buy something.

Most cashback sites feature hundreds of retailers, so in most cases, you will claw back some money.

Cashback can vary from as little as 1% to as high as 15%.

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Price Comparison

Smartphones have opened up a world of opportunities when it comes to finding the best deal when out and about.

The following sites will allow you to use your smartphone to compare prices – so next time when you are shopping, take a few minutes to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere before handing over the cash – the savings can be significant.

Google Shopping

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Mummy Clubs

If you want to take advantage of more special offers, some retailers have mother and baby clubs – they are essentially loyalty clubs, but worth joining as they can come with good benefits and regular money-off vouchers.

Here’s MMM’s list of top mummy and baby clubs:

Tesco Baby & Toddler Club
What you get – money-off vouchers, magazine with product reviews and tips

Boots Parenting Club
What you get – free change bag, free magazine, exclusive offer, and 10 points on your loyalty card for every £1 you spend on baby products, as opposed to just 4 points for every £1 you spend

Sainsbury’s Little Ones baby & toddler club 
What you get – Free Huggies baby bundle, Little Ones magazine, exclusive offers

Loyalty Cards

If you tend to shop in one particular place a lot, loyalty cards can be a great way to bag up some extra rewards and money off your shopping.

As long as you are not tempted to spend more or buy from a particular place, just because there’s a loyalty card in your purse, they can be a great way to get money off vouchers and freebies.


For online shoppers, there is a voucher code for almost everything. Before you make a purchase, it is wise to hunt around to see if there is a voucher code available.

Once you’ve found your code, simply enter it into the voucher/promotion code box on your purchase page and voila! – you’ve just got yourself a great deal – it’s worth the effort.

MMM will bring you the top deals here every day – but also sign up to the newsletter to make sure you’re not missing out on money saving tips.

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Free Stuff

As a parent, there are plenty of free offers, entitlements and gifts you can take advantage off.

If you want to find out what you might be able to get for free, check out the sites below.

Offers include vouchers, free days out, clothing, packs and samples.

Baby Freebies
Latest Free Stuff
All 4 Free
Freebie List
When your child is born, they will be entitled to free books via the Bookstart scheme. Speak to your health visitor about it as they will have the free packs – don’t miss out, as not all health visitors remember to give them to you

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Reduce your grocery bill by 70% this summer!

The kids are off school and they are going to be hungry – inevitably, the next few weeks will see the cost of your weekly shop shoot up.

To help families keep the costs of food shopping down, MMM put Approved Food to the test, which can help slash the cost of shopping by as much as 70%.

There is of course one catch – the food is past or close to its sell-by date, but perfectly safe.

With a £30 budget, MMM managed to bag a fair amount – cereals, tinned food, sweets and treats, drinks and even laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets – the sort of things where you can generally ignore the date stamped on the product.

If you’ve tried reducing the cost of the grub by switching brands or shopping at discount stores but think you can do better, then try Approved Food  – you’ll be surprised at just how much you could save on some store cupboard essentials.

New products are available everyday and there are some real bargains. For example, Sprite Zero 330ml for just 29p or a 2kg Reeses Peanut jar for just £2.99. There’s even stuff for pets, at more than 50% off.

MMM was really pleased with service and surprised at just how at just how much £30 would buy (see pic above/ instagram).

Although we would like to see Approved Food cut down on the cardboard packaging, the items arrived well packed and in excellent condition.

So, if you’re looking to save a few more pounds on your groceries, take a look at Approved food – you’ll be surprised at just how good the bargains are.


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